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The Joker. Has Anyone Seen Him?

New 3D Objects for Heroclix

I want to be excited about the new 3D Objects previewed on today, but I’m really not. 

Perhaps it’s because it looks like they’re all sitting atop a steaming pile of shit.

Anyway, game on!  (I guess.)

Custom Blackest Night Heroclix.

You guys should check out this guys custom Heroclix

‘Clix, then ‘Cast, but not ClixCast

Tomorrow night’s Super Fun Happy Time:

Place: Akanthos’ house (I think, did we ever determine that?)

Start Time: 6:30ish to 7ish

Game 1:  1000 point build total.  No Colossal figures and no cosmic figures (Power Cosmic/Quintessence TA, or characters with the “Cosmic” keyword)  Giant figures and figures with the “Deity” keyword are allowed.

Game 2: TBD (Wes Sayid was to determine this one)

After the game(s), we’ll settle in for another fun-filled podcast.  Akanthos gave us homework for this one, so I hope you’re all ready.

Game on!

Bizarro Clix!

How’s this for a “bizarre” twist on a ‘Clix game? (I found this on the Dark Tower Comics website):


Bizarro Clix!

Well, I can’t remember the last time we did a backwards dial game, so let’s trot out this old classic. 400 points, four actions, and everyone starts with one click of life. You take damage? Click counterclockwise. Healing or regeneration clicks you clockwise (although not past KO).

A backwards dial game you say?  It’s so genius it just might work!

We’ll have to try this one sometime.

Happy Birthday Akanthos!

Here’s a virtual birthday balloon for you!  Guaranteed not to deflate!