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I came up with a way to help balance the Infinity Gems that I would like the other Tribunal members to ponder. I’d like to make these a separate card set with a new color. Blue or green or something not orange. Each Gem Card would need to be “activated” before you may use it. It would be a free action to “activate” a Gem Card, but you may only have one active Gem Card at a time, unless you played the Infinity Gauntlet card (for 50 points) which lets you use any number of Gem Cards simultaneously. So to get the full effect for all the Gem Cards it would be 200 points, or you could use 100 points to play two Gem Cards at once, or you could use two Gem Cards for 50 points as long as only one was in effect at any given moment.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


13 Responses

  1. I like the idea for this set, that multiple cards can be used with limitations unless you have the Guantlet card.
    My suggestion for the color is Green so it will not be confused with the purple BFC’s. As a matter of fact maybe all our custom creations should be indicated by Green, Green rings for figs and Green header for cards.

  2. Well, how would you work a custom REV set then if they were all green?

  3. Well we could do a green ring next to the yellow/blue/red rings.

  4. Or you could just put a custom symbol in place of the set symbol

  5. We chatted on Sunday and Beau and I think a set icon or symbol is the way to go.

  6. I hope your mind is great, because we certainly thought alike.

  7. Love the cards.
    Love the green “Monopoly property” border.
    Sorry, but I’m not putting green rings on my custom figs.

  8. No, I didn’t like that either. We (You, Beau, and I) need to come up with a symbol to use instead. I’d like to reserve the green for the Artifact Card.

  9. I don’t understand why a custom fig needs anything like that, though. It’s obviously a custom, and sometimes I make a custom of a cool fig I never got (i.e. Matches Malone) which is nearly identical to the original. Why would I want to mess with the set icon?

  10. Well, if we did it as a small sticker we could use it as a “Tribunal seal of approval” and use it for figs, cards, maps, whatever.

  11. I’ll buy that for a dollar. Who wants to design it?

  12. What about a composite graphic? Like, a lightning bolt for Beau (the Flash), behind a shield (Cap’s) for you and the whole thing is silver (Surfer) for me.

  13. Sounds good. Go to it Graphics-Man!

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