World Saved! (sort of) Pictures to follow

We ended up playing the Galactus scenario three times. Three. We all had so much fun that we couldn’t stop. Well, actually the first game went faster than we thought it would. Ryan used his Dark Phoenix fig and I used my custom Infinity Gauntlet Thanos. Everyone else went for a healthy mix of heavy hitters. The most surprising fig of the night was the new Icons Superman. Nate played him well and he ended up doing some real damage to Galactus while managing to avoid a lot of it himself. As impressive as the custom Doomsday was the dice just did not cooperate and Mat ended up breaking a lot of objects in missed attacks, but there is some serious potential there. My custom Thanos was re-speced for an 800 point game, but even then he seemed a bit too powerful. I mean, he does 9 clicks of Psychic Blast damage and he can attack 3 times in one turn. Come on, who can stand up to that? I may need to lower that a bit. But, I wanted him to be able to tangle with Galactus in PVP mode. Galactus has so many more clicks of life that I compensated by boosting the Thanos numbers. Well, back to the drawing board.

The second game we reduced our build total to the 400 that the scenario called for. This was a tough game. We went all the way down to 0 on the timer dial and then 3 more before we beat him. So we didn’t save the world but, man, it was close. Again, Icons Supes surprised us and made an impression. We picked up our collective asses and put together new 400 point teams and tried it one more time. This went a bit quicker, partly because we took off the kid gloves and pulled out things like our custom Infinity Gem Feat Cards. These each give one stat a +2 bonus and bestow some kind of power, and they stack. Between that, the 2 KC Supes and one Icon Supes and all the other high point figs, Galactus went pretty fast. I almost think we were overlooking something.

Game night this week made me realize how much the Feat Cards can build onto an already great fig. We’ve decided we need a way to approve our custom figs and Cards for our gameplay so Ryan, Beau and myself have formed a tribunal, if you will, to review and approve and custom rules, figs, cards or any other deviation from the official game. So get your ideas polished up and submitted.


6 Responses

  1. Eater of worlds he may be, but he brought it to our hood. We took him down and yeah it hurt, but he went down. My Ares on the other hand not so god like in the fight.

  2. Which rank Icons Supes was Nate using? Seems like a pretty decent figure, even at just Experienced, though I think the Veteran has Hypersonic?

  3. It was the veteran, and yes he is a monster.

  4. We want pics!
    We want pics!
    We want pics!
    Oh, and some pics would be nice, too.

  5. I think we should bring out Matt’s Galactus toy with the custom stats we came up with a couple years ago and pit him against the Wizkids version. THAT would be cool. We could do a mega-cosmic battle. Galactus and Thanos vs. Galactus and Dark Phoenix.

  6. Oooooo!!! Let’s do it!

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