Expensive Plastic

I’m looking into making another custom fig (Gasp!) The Punisher as a SHIELD agent as seen in the pages of What If…? Since it won’t work to just repaint a Punisher fig, I’ll take a SHIELD trooper, add a few minor changes, and put him on a Punisher dial, to which I’ll add the SHIELD TA logo and custom stats. I only have 4 SHIELD Troopers, so I went to http://www.iconusa.com to look into just buying a loose rookie. It’s only like .49, which I have no problem paying. It’s the other loose figs they have listed that I have problems with. I never got a Veteran Thor, so I scrolled down to check out their asking price. 24.99! I checked out a few more: Unique Spiral – 49.99. Unique Nightcrawler – 99.99! Cripes! How do we afford this plastic crack habit?


3 Responses

  1. It’s good piece of mind to know that I can always sell my Sprial and Nightcrawler if I ever do start a drug addiction. I’d prolly get more than for is I sold a kidney on the black market.

    Maybe I should consider a drug problem, it might be cheaper than Clix.

  2. If you like the idea of spending even more money on a collectible game, just play Magic. 😐 At least I have a bunch of $20 cards…I should sell those…alone I’d make $360 off those (12 cards)

  3. by $20 I meant $30

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