Above the legal limit

This much fun should be a crime. Game night was a ton-o-fun, as usual. I’ll let Beau fill you in on the details, as it was his night to host, but I wanted to tell you about my new cards and how they went down. We played a 600 point game that I was going to use a completely different team for, but I realized at the last minute, that everyone else was pulling out the big guns. Mat tried to use his custom Doomsday and KC Supes but we realized that Doomsday is an archenemy to all Superman figs so he swapped it out for the KC Shazam. Now that’s a scary combo. (I’m digressing and treading on Beau’s recap. I’ll refocus now) So I decided that my newly approved Infinity Gem cards needed to be broken in. I applied all six cards and the Infinity Gauntlet card to U Thanos. This moved his point value to 385, which borders on ludicrous. (He almost turned plaid) So you can see what I’m talking about, take a look at the cards below. Now, the way these play is you can only use one Gem card per turn. It lasts until the next turn, but only one at a time. UNLESS…dum dum dum…You have the Gauntlet card (which I did). So I got all the +2 bonuses and all the powers to use together. This was painful to others. But, there is hope. We’ve discussed a Card Outwit Card which will work like Outwit, but just for cards. So there will be ways to take out a Gauntleted god.


2 Responses

  1. I love these cards. I think I may actually shed a joyful tear over them.

  2. Thank you, man. Your words bring me joy.

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