Outwit This!!!

I woke up this morning with heroclix on the brain. More specifically, the use of Feat Cards and our upcoming custom Artifact Cards. We had discussed the possibility of being able to use the Outwit power to “turn off” a card just as you would with a regular power. I think that if the card grants a specific power, then that power can be outwitted, but not necessarily the card itself.
I guess I’m thinking about this because I went ahead and developed a few Artifact Cards last night and they basically give a character at least one power that they may not have had otherwise. Let’s say Spider-Man picks up Cap’s shield, (which, in my card, grants Impervious as a replacement defense power and a +2 to the Defense value). An opposing figure with Outwit could outwit the Impervious, but Spidey still gets the +2 to his defense, instead of the whole card being outwitted. The question that arises then is, if the Impervious is negated, would Spidey’s printed defense power (assuming there in one on that particular click) of say, Super Senses, reappear or would he lose all defense powers altogether? I would like to think that the powers would layer (not stack and be used in conjunction with each other) to where if the top layer is stripped, the second layer would still apply. So if you really wanted to outwit Spidey’s defense before trying to smack him around with a Texas sized fly swatter, you’d need two figures with outwit: one to outwit the Impervious and another to then outwit his Super Senses.

As for regular Feat Cards, I suppose outwitting them is possible, but should only be allowed with the successful role of the die. When attempting to Outwit Spidey’s “Pounce” card, the player attempting the outwit must role one die. On a result of 4, 5, or 6, the outwit is made, whereas a result of 1, 2, or 3, the outwit has failed. I’m assuming then, that if the outwit fails, that figure may re-direct his or her outwit power to another figure or power. That decision may have to depend on a decision from the “Great and Powerful” Tribunal.

Any thoughts on this?


One Response

  1. I like the idea of rolling on the feat cards and I think that any card based power should get that. Caps Shield, the Gems, Bataranges, etc

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