Ryan’s Artifact Cards

My cards aren’t as fancy as Neal’s will be, but each one has a little picture or symbol just to brighten them up a bit.

Captain America’s Shield:

Choose a character.

This character gains Impervious (which replaces any defense power already appearing on the dial) and +2 to his or her defense value.

30 RAC001


Prerequisite: Batman Team Ability

Choose a character.

During a ranged combat or power action, this character may use the Energy Explosion, Smoke Cloud, or Blades/Claws/Fangs power (Optional.)

15 RAC002


Choose a character whose point value is 50 points or less.

This character gains the following powers and abilities:
+2 to all printed values.
A range of 8 if the printed range value is
less than 8.
The wing symbol..
The Power Cosmic TA (replaces printed TA.)

This character may be given any one power at the beginning of the turn and another power at the end of the turn.

100 RAC003


Choose a character.

This character gains the Exploit Weakness power (Optional.)

If the target of an attack is a member of the Superman Ally Team Ability, this character gains a +2 to his or her attack value.

15* RAC004
* 10 if assigned to a character with the Superman Enemy Team Ability.

Punisher Armory:
Choose a character that does not have a team ability and does not have a damage value greater than 3.
This character gains the following powers and abilities:
-1 to printed movement value.
A range of 10 if the printed range value is less than 10.
Energy Explosion (Optional.)
Ranged Combat Expert (Optional.)
Toughness (Optional.)

20* RAC004
* 10 if the chosen character is Punisher.

Mandroid Armor:

Choose a character with the SHIELD or Police Department Team Ability.

This character gains the following powers and abilities for the duration of his or her dial.

Telekinesis (Optional.)
Toughness (Optional.)

15 RAC005


29 Responses

  1. Oh Ryan! I am sure your cards are going to be just wonderful. Poo poo on Neal and his fancy schmancy cards. You remember what momma told you? The best things come from your heart. Now you go out there and grab that glue, hell maye even add some gold glitter around the edge. That will show neal just how creative you can be!! I think the symbols are a swell idea…nothing says Mandroid Armor like a little picture of a kitty cat glued right on top.

    P.S. Lace wouldn’t hurt one litte bit.
    Stalk ya later!

  2. lol @ baron. That’s hilarious! You know, I think I met you in high school. I was a dork so I’m sure you don’t remember me, but “hi”!

    Jump–These are pretty cool. I don’t have enough creativity to make up these things. IMO, the batarangs and kryptonite seem pretty darned good. Am I to understand the batarangs could give fang/claw to a ranged attack? That seems a little vicious, but I imagine I’m just reading it wrong and you mean fang/claw for the power action in close combat. The Kryptonite though…for 15 points to ignore all defense powers, that’s…good. I really like the shield, armory, and supah like the mandroid armor. Cool cards! Ignore me if my observations are out of sync with the realities, since I’m a noob.

  3. You read it correctly! A razor edged Batarang that will allow a Blades/Claws/Fangs roll on a Ranged Attack! Woo hoo!

  4. These are awesome. I’ve wanted ranged BCF ever since I got Deathbird and thought that Running shot and BCF would kick ass.

  5. I think the Batarangs should have Incapacitate as well. Is the Uni-Power the same as Captain Universe?

  6. OK, I’m assuming if you hit more than one target you just split the BCF dmg between them? What if you just roll a 1 after targeting 2 people? Or are you thinking the power would apply to all targets like incapacite does, and they all take a BCF hit?

  7. Usually you split the damage between all successfully hit targets.
    There are two ways to handle this:
    1) If you only do 1 damage, that’s the luck of the dice. You can only do 1 damage to 1 target.
    2) you split the damage evenly, rounding up. Thus, .5 to one and .5 to another is 1 to each.

    The first is how things are normally run and how I think this should work, but it’s Ryan’s card, he’ll have to decide how it works. Then he and Beau and I talk it over to approve it for game play.

  8. roger…I’m not trying to be hostile or anything, just genuinely wasn’t sure. Keep on rocking in the free world.

  9. Hostile? I thought it was a good question. But most people find intelligence threatening, so I guess I could see why you might be kind of apologetic.

  10. I’ve just been feeling so apologetic lately…must be in my 6th month of pregnancy or something.

  11. Oh yeah. All those hormones out of whack, that’ll do it.

  12. Wow.
    It’s good we have these kinds of forums where we can openly discuss ideas such as this. You guys come up with thoughts and situations that I don’t.
    First question: Are there any figs with the Batman TA with multiple lightning bolts? If not, this whole question is moot.
    Second, I think I would the card to work so that you can make the B/C/F roll for each successfully hit target, rather than making only one roll and splitting up the damage. If Batman is throwing out two razor tipped batarangs, each one should deal out it’s own amount of damage.

  13. Yes, the Uni-Power is the force behind Captain Universe.

    I thought about Incacitate with the Batarangs as well, but I didn’t want to overload the card.

  14. I’m pretty darned positive there’s more than one Batman TA fig with multiple Lightning Bolts. That’s why I asked…probably just Bats and a Nightwing or something like that. Most Bats figs have incapacitate anyway.

    Question: If uniforce possesses Ghost Rider, does that make his bike a unicycle?

  15. My reasoning behind splitting the damage of 1 roll between the two figs is that technically you’re not making two attacks. You’re splitting one attack between two targets, so it would be like Bats throwing a single baterang and hit curving to hit two targets.
    What you’re describing sounds more like a ranged Flurry attack (which would kick ass) if this is what you’re after then that’s cool, but if you ge to roll BCF for each target then I think you should roll the attacks seperately, or make this thing a lot more expensive.

  16. Along similar lines (and maybe there are characters like this already), if you can target multiple people and have the power energy explosion, what happens? Could you seed explosions all over the map? Do they do the same amount of dmg each?

  17. By the way, I’m thinking of raising the cost on the Cosmic Cube and adding a +3 to all stats, just to make it different from the Unipower. Otherwise it’s essentially the same. Ideas?

  18. Yes you can use EE and multiple targets, but your damage drops to 1 when using EE so while it sounds cool, anyone with Toughness or better will just ignore it. There are ways to boost this, but they require a somewhat complicated set up and you don’t really get the payoff you want.

  19. Looks like it works now:

    OK…just to make sure I undertand you, say I have Mr. EE, with 3 Lightning Bolts, and base damage 6. He targets 3 different characters and uses EE. Because he’s using EE, the damage drops down to 1 for every single character hit by EE.

    On the other hand, Mr. EE has 3 con artists with Perplex sitting around…can they boost his EE to 4? Is it split up in anyway, or does everyone take 4?

  20. Yes, that could boost the damage, but a Boosted EE is pretty easy to see coming and is usually avoidable. Like I said, there are wasys to make it work, but they take some set up and can have a weak payoff. But, if you’re interested, try this:

    V – Ultron
    V – Doombot
    V – Doombot
    V – SHIELD Medic
    R – Avalanche

    This is evil, here’s the set up:

    Your first move should result in a + sign in the middle of the board, Ultron facing your opponent, Medic behind him, a Doombot on each side of the medic,and Avalanche directly behind the medic, after your first turn, barrier in front of Ultron, done.

    OK, that’s the set up, now what? Well, lets clear up a few things:

    SHIELD’s ability works on Energy Explosion.
    You can use SHIELD as many times as you want on a figure, actions permitting.
    Ultron can choose 3 targets.

    OK, this means, if your opponent has his figures set up like so (each letter representing 1 figure):

    F G H I J
    A B C D E

    Ultron, using a triple-SHIELDed Energy Explosion, targets figures B, C and E, the ones nearest him, that’s three figures. Ultron has a 14 attack, don’t worry much about missing. Assuming he hits all 3 figures, here’s what happens:

    he hits figure B, figure A, B, C, F, G and H, each take 4 clicks of damage, that’s 24 clicks, among 6 characters.

    He hits figure C, figures B, C, D, G, H and I each take 4 clicks if damage, that’s another 24 clicks.

    D gets hit, H, I, J, C, D and E each take 4 clicks as well, for a total of 72 clicks of damage.
    The break down per-figure is:

    C and H, 12 clicks each.
    G, B, I and D, 8 clicks each.
    Z, F, J and E, 4 clicks each.

    All this is one attack.

    This is a one trick pony, but if you even get it off even partially, its fun!

  21. PS – under the newer rules this exact setup won’t work, but you get the idea.

  22. yeah…that’s exactly what I was thinking…kind of the overlapping explosion thing. I wasn’t actually planning on it, just wanted to make sure I understood it for future purposes. And actually, one last question on the subject. In the example below, some clix take 3 hits. Is the damage from EE applied all at once, or does each “hit” of 4 dmg apply by itself?

  23. The reason I ask is because of dmg-reduction powers.

  24. Under the current rules it’s applied all at once.

  25. Meanness.

    You guys have fun tonight.

  26. Neal has a point. It is just one attack. I don’t want the card to get any more expensive, so it will just be the one die roll for damage split amoung the successfully hit targets.

  27. Cool. But I do think we should make a Ranged Flurry card. That would so kick ass.

  28. Sure would! What would be a good way to explain that one?

  29. Frag grenade?

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