The game everyone missed

Yep, there were only 3 of us present for clixing on Friday night: Neal, Matt and me.
We played the Clash of the Champions scenario in which each of our champions was randomly assigned a variety of powers that not only replaced the current powers, but lasted the entire length of their dial.
Neal used a Big Fig Sinestro as his champion, who was awarded all the brown powers of the game. This fig is dangerous enough, but grant him Hypersonic Speed, Poison, Impervious and Perplex, watch the hell out. Between Sinestro and KC Supes, Matt didn’t stand a chance. Of course, he was taking hits from both flanks since I came around from the other side with my army of Darksieds. My champion, Big Barda, wasn’t all that effective. She had all the purple powers: Force Blast, Smoke Cloud, Willpower, and Close Combat Expert, but got knocked around pretty easily.
Matt declared his Custom Doomsday as his champion and wound up with the green powers: Charge, Super Strength, Energy Shield Deflection, and Enhancement. He also had Obsidian and I don’t remember who else.

The second game was borderline laughable. We used the mini-map and Battlefield Condition Cards, but since Matt and I both threw down the “Disbanded” card in an effort to offset Neal’s Fantastic Four and Wild Card team (with Invisible Woman as the base and everyone sharing her wicked defense) those cancelled each other out. The only BCC in play was “Atlantis Rising.”
Matt, with his custom Robotech figs (?) immediately went after Neal’s figs in an attempt to seek justice on the previous game, and I followed suit. We managed to knock out Neal’s Loki fig, but that was it. His Invisible Woman took a single click of damage and once he put them in hindering terrain and increased defenses with that lousy “In Contact with Oracle” card, they were untouchable. His Doctor Strange and Doombot were on their way out, but we kept failing our rolls against them. I think at some point, we needed to roll a 21 just to hit them. Insane.


6 Responses

    May The Rule Of Three God take mercy on your pathetic spamming souls!
    In Nomine Patris, Et Fili, Et Spiritus Sancti.

  2. I had a great time. I love the minimap, even when it work against me. Thank goodness I only lost the one fig.

  3. I tried to be nice and turn off the stupid word verification, but noooooooooo. People had to spam. These people are going to burn in a very special level of Hell, a level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

  4. That’s the only level of Hell I will absolutely not go to. Sounds fun…So …Sinestro w/ Hypersonic, eh? Fun!

  5. Isn’t that… “Special”

  6. Baron, I find you to be very Spamalicious!

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