“Who is that masked man?”

I know I’m interupting the flow by posting this before the game recap, but just go with me here.

This week in appreciation of Halloween, the 1st game will be 300pt no fig over 100 points no BFC’s and every fig in play has to be a masked character. Masked figs include Batman, Flash, Captain America, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), etc… Non masked figs include Superman, Hulk, Bizzaro, Namor, etc…

Second game 500 point open build with BFC’s randomly chosen at game time.

And if there is time left we’ll have a 200 point open build no BFC’s, or single fig “Last man standing” with 300 point max.


4 Responses

  1. I find your homage to Samhain slightly contemptible but I must admit it warms the cockles of my little soul to imagin you fine young men playing Heroclix while dressed as Chippendale dancers. Sure when I first heard the idea I thought “How could they pull it off?” and “Why in the name of God would they want to dress in such a manor, with the heat turned up to 110 and a wicked club beat booming in the background?” It was only then that I realized the true nature of your little Jamborees. You all just want to confuse me so that at the perfect moment you may tie me to the wall wearing only flower pot as you eat cheetos and throw your Heroclix figures at me in alphabetical order! HOW DARE YOU!! I am not some plaything gentleman; I have decoded your secret messages!! Oh yes, I know what a “BFC” and an “Open Build” is! Your secret codes are not lost on me! I absolutely refuse to allow you sick men to corrupt my angelic soul; I shall fight you with every ounce of my being! In the end if I loose and am abused profusely by you damn hunky beefcakes at least I will know that I was once a man!! So you go ahead and just try it mister fancy G-sting, I am ready for you! I know how your games are played, I have seen it all late at night on Cinemax…back when I had cable! Bring it!! BRING IT!! FINE, FINE I CAN BRING A JAR OF MAYO but lets try and keep this civil!
    GAME ON!!!!!

  2. He’s on to us boys, we need to find a code that he can’t break. It’ll be tough but we can do it.

  3. Maybe The Baron and I should secretly tape one of your “games”. Could it be that you are really doing some dirty dancing?

  4. Just don’t post it on the internet without splitting the profits.

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