Let’s try this again…

This Friday 11/18, we’ll do this “Nine-Tenths of the Law” senario as a 400 point game.

Nine-Tenths of the Law:
A grudge match is about to be settled. Both sides bring an ace in the hole—a bodiless spirit with the ability to possess others!

• “Ace in the hole” Each side has a ghostly spirit as one of their characters. This spirit costs 40 points, but does not have a figure. Instead, it is represented by a special marker, called a “spirit counter,” and is placed next to one character onyour team.

• “He’s acting funny.” The character with the special counter next to it is treated as if it had the Mind Control power for as long as it has the counter. If the character makes a successful attack, the attack causes no damage and the counteris moved to the attacked figure. This figure becomes the “possessed” figure, switches sides, and is considered to be part of the controlling spirit’s team. The spirit counter may be moved only once per each player’s turn. A character withthe special counter cannot be “possessed” by an opposing spirit.

• “Jumping Out” If the figure with the spirit counter is knocked out, the spirit has the chance to jump into another body, even if it has already been moved this turn. This is an immediate attack, and the spirit counter’s attack value is considered tobe 9 with a range of 4. This attack does no damage, but instead transfers the spirit to the new body if the attack is successful. If there is no figure within range of the spirit counter, then the counter is considered knocked out.Victory ConditionsAs per the standard rules.

Following that I’d like to suggest a 1000 point game, open build with BFC’s. That’s right One Thousand! Bring your industrial sized can of Whoop Ass!


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