My Next Quest

Now that I’m halfway done with the novelization of Crisis on Infinite Earths, I’m preparing myself to dive into another DC novel: Hero’s Quest starring everyone’s favorite Emerald-clad superhero, Green Lantern! Reading these kinds of books makes me believe that I could write one myself. But what hero would I choose for the story? I’m tempted to start small, keeping it somewhat down to earth, and since I’d pick a character I’m familiar with, I would lean towards the Punisher.
If you were to write a book about your favorite super hero, who would you choose? What kind of story would it be? Would it be suitable for a young reader or be strictly adult oriented?
Inquiring minds…


7 Responses

  1. I have the Flash book from this series if you’d like to borrow it.

  2. If I wrote a book about an adventure of one of my favorite hero’s I would choose The Question. For all same reason’s I love Batman stories, my Question story would be a dark mysterious thriller filled with a twisting conspiracy.

  3. How many books are in the series? Are they novelations of a storyline in the comics?

  4. Actually, I just got the Superman book of the series delivered yesterday, along with the Trinity TB and the Crisis OIE TB.

  5. So far there is one for the whole leauge, one for Batman called the Stone King, or something like that. One for the Flash called Stop Motion. One for Wonder Woman I don’t know what it’s called. Then GL and Supes you have. There are about two or three months between releases.

  6. Cool. Now that I’m a card carrying member of the SFBC, I’ll see about picking up those other books.
    Man, I’m going to have to buy another bookcase…

  7. I’d write about A Green Lantern, but not THE Green Lantern. Green Lantern corp allows the flexibility to create your own “pre-established” superhero without having to worry about previous history and current character placement. That kind of freedom can only be found in Green Lantern corps.

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