Enter the Dragon

Ah yes, another chapter of the Gang Wars Trilogy under our belts (at the rate of 1 chapter a night, it will take us two more years to finish this campaign.)

Last week’s adventure found our heroes facing off against the teleporting Japanese warrior, The Silver Samurai, but he made his escape from us all too quickly.

Last night’s episode brought our valiant heroes to a theatre in Chinatown where a deadly battle was being waged between the Faces of Fear and the Golden Lords gangs. We stepped in and laid the smack down, managing to aprehend Constrictor and almost all of the gang members. None of these guys went down without a fight and it took us the better part of 4 hours to wrap up the chapter.

Stay tuned faithful listeners for a recap of next week’s exciting battle!


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  1. I’m faithfully listening…but nothing….


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