Well, Frak Me Running!

My friend Beau was kind enough to lend me Battlestar Galactica 2.0 last Friday night, which I eagerly viewed over the weekend.
This is really a great show, for any of you slackers out there who haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.
I vaguely remember the old series, which I hope to someday go back and watch again, but in the meantime, the revamped version is kicking Cylon ass and entering their names into the ship’s log book. The special effects are great as are the storyline, plot, and character development (take notes, will ya George Lucas? You could learn a thing or two about how a sci-fi story is supposed to go.) Actually, I’d like to see a dog fight between squadrons of X-Wings and Vipers, just to see who would win. While we’re at it, let’s throw some Original Cylons in a pit with some Stormtroopers to see who comes out on top. We can then have a match between the new Cylons and some Battle Droids. Sounds like fun to me! They should do a comic or a cartoon with that idea…

Game night last Friday was awesome, despite the fact that the only players who could make it were myself, Neal (Hobbes), Beau (Pyscho, or Ohcsyp if you’re dyslexic), and Victor/Victoria. We played the Spectre scenario a couple of times since I got the massive Heroclix fig delivered early last week, and had a total blast with it. It’s similar to the Galactus scenario, except that The Spectre throws out angry spirits against anyone who attacks him (little bystandar tokens) who take pot shots at the offensive figs. I used my custom LE Nova (a copy of the Wizkids version) and my custom Unique Death which turned out to be a pretty deadly 600 point team, while Neal weilded his Infinity Gauntlet Big Fig Thanos. Vic tried his luck with the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Big Fig combo and Beau borrowed my Galactus who almost perished! A good time was had by all!


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  1. Frakin’ A!

    May the Spectre judge you with compassion.–>

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