Goodbye Kellie Pickler

She’s as cute as a button, but she just didn’t have what it takes to be the next American Idol.
Miss Kellie Pickler was given the boot in last night’s results show, which didn’t really surprise me all that much. My original prediction placed Kellie in the top three finalists, but her last two performances were downright awful. I figured she might have established a big enough fan base to keep her in the running, despite her poor performances, but I must have overestimated the power of her adorable charm and southern innocence.

Katherine Mcphee is my personal favorite and I’m confident she’ll make it to the final two. (I gave her 50 votes this week!)Last night’s results placed her and rocker Chris in the top two, and I’m sure they will remain at the top until the bitter end. Next to go is Paris, then Elliot, then Taylor (I like his unique “bluesy” style, but he doesn’t have what it takes, either.)

Go Katherine! I’ve got McPheever!


2 Responses

  1. Could one of you guys do me a favor, and please email me or have Samedi email me, when he gets there? The sorry be-atch doesn’t have a cell phone, so I can’t call him, he didn’t leave a number in SLC for me to contact him on, so i’m screwed there also, so all I have is you 3 to rely on. Can you help a brother out?

    (By the way… that Kellie Pickler was a FOX, I don’t care what anyone said. I’d do her in the pooper in a second, but my wife probably wouldn’t like it very much, so probably not.)

  2. It’s a matter of who picks up whose fans as to who will end up winning the stupid show. When Chris was booted, it was because the little nigger chick’s fans all went to either Elliot or Taylor. Now with Elliot gone, who will his fans vote for? I say the broad is the best as far as what they are really looking for, but Taylor will most likely pick up last weeks losers votes. Taylor will be the American Fucken Idol. And I am a fag for even paying attention to this shit!

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