Baron Samedi and Free Comic Books

Baron Samedi (aka Colton “The Sandman” Saunders) is back in Salt Lake City! After spending a few years in Texas, he finally decided to give up his dreams of becoming a rich oil tycoon and return to the city of his roots. A few of us got together with him at my house Friday night and enjoyed Neal’s margaritas and a rousing game of Scene It. Beau won, of course. The man is a walking encylopedia of movie trivia. And I’ll be damned if I couldn’t think of Marlon Brando’s name! Stella!!!!
Welcome back Colton! We’re glad to have you back. Let the wild time and pee pee dances commence! Ha ha!

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! Arguably, one of the best days of the year for geeks like us.
I threw the wife and kids in the van (yes, we drive a van…another testament to my lack of cool) first thing in the morning and we were off to Hastur Games and Hobbies. I grabbed the few comics that looked somewhat interesting and made sure my kids had copies of Bongo comics (The Simpsons) and The Justice League, then made a beeline for the free Promo Wolverine heroclix (pictured at right, duh!) I was under the impression that there was only this version with the black shirt available, but when we got to Dr. Volt’s comics an hour later, I realized there was also a version with a white shirt (same stats, however.)

As much as I like Wolverine, he’s becoming quite common in the Heroclix realm. He’s been in all 9 sets of Marvel Heroclix to date, in one form or another (Patch, Logan, Weapon X, or Wolverine) and will be in the upcoming 10th set. How much Wolvie do we need? Give us a better Apocalypse and his four horsemen for crying out loud! (To include Warren Worthington III as Archangel) Seriously, my X-Men box is filled with Wolverines – pretty soon I’ll have to have a box for just his figs.

Oh, today is Beau’s (Psycho) birthday. Happy 30th bud! Welcome to the club!


5 Responses

  1. Take good care of my boy. I mean, I know he was YOUR boy before I got hold of him down here in steamy Texas, but I grew quite attached to the little bugger and am gonna miss him. The wife & I are gonna pay a visit some time early next season (March-April), so maybe i’ll get to meet some of you. I miss you already Samedi… I really do.

    Now, about Wolverine: What does that say on the back of his t-shirt? I can make out “I

  2. We’ll treat the govna’ right proper we will! I passed on your message for him, so hopefully he’ll get off his ass and call you.
    Actually, I think he asked if you left his number because he doesn’t have it. Email it to me at and I’ll make sure he gets it.

    Wolvie’s shirt says I Love Heroclix. My wife got a kick out of that one.

    I used to be a big Star Wars fan until Lucas dropped those 3 big turds on us (episodes 1 through 3.) Granted, they got progressively better, but I still maintain my position that he f*cked up by revealing Boba Fett’s origin. It all but eliminates his “cool” factor, IMO.

    Eh, toys are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. I stocked up on some X-Men toy playsets when one of our K-Mart’s closed down, thinking they might be worth something, but as it turns out, I can’t pay someone to take them off my hands. D’oh!

  3. Allow me to clarify my previous post: Colton asked if you left YOUR number, not his. I’m sure he’s familiar with his own number since he’s seen it scrawled on so many mens’ room walls.

  4. Honestly, I think Lucas screwed up with the time-line aspect of I, II & III. I mean, in IV, everyone was like, “Duuuhhhhhh… What’s a Jedi?”, and it turns out that it had only been like 18-20 years (between III & IV).

    Did everyone in the ‘Galaxy Far, Far Away’ suddenly develop major cases or amnesia? Are we supposed to believe that EVERYONE just forgot about Jedi’s in such a short period of time???

    You are right though… I, II & III are GIGANTIC turd-sandwiches.

  5. Oh yeah… and Samedi called (from his shiny new cell-phone, no less!). I tired for 3 whole years to get that guy to get a cell-phone, to no avail. He lands in SLC and 17 seconds later, he’s got one. WTF is that all about?!?–>

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