Danger Room Dangers!


X-Men Assemble! Tonight’s Heroclix game will be held at Psycho’s (AKA: Beaucifer) house at the usual time. Bring your X-Men or X-Men related mutant characters (no bad muties, just the good guys!) Professor X has decided that you all need to hone your combat skills in the recently upgraded Danger Room (now lemony fresh with 20% more deadly excercises!)
The roster of controlling players should include:
Victor, Victoria (Sorry, man, had to do it.)
Neal (maybe)

You’ll all be working as a team on this one – you against the Danger Room Computer (I think maybe I’ll control that, if no one has any objections.)

Build a 200 point mutant team, with a reserve team of 100 points. If things get too hot in there for you, you can send in re-inforcements!

Regardless of how many players present tonight, we’ll all have to squeeze onto one map. Monkey in the middle, perhaps?

I’ve outlined the basic scenario to y’all in a previous email, but here are the highlights:

A. Each player will be controlling a SQUAD, but all combined SQUADS are part of the overall FORCE, ergo, all powers and team abilites will be interchangeable with each SQUAD (for example, if Neal controls Jean Grey, he may move Matt’s Wolverine with her Telikenisis, if they are both in agreement of the move.)

B. Prior to each player’s turn, a threat will be randomly determined and placed by the person representing the Danger Room Computer. If threats 3-6 happen to land on a square already occupied by a Player Character (PC) figure, that figure AUTOMATICALLY takes a click of damage and is knocked into an adjacent square.
The threats are as follows:
1 – Battlefield Condition Card. Only one BCC can be in effect at any given time. Each new BCC pulled will supercede the previous one.
2 – Bystander Token. These are “innocent bystanders” caught up in the fray and they are a PRIORITY. PC’s must rescue the bystander token (by a successful attack roll against their defense – they might resist) and escorting them to the NEAREST designated starting area.
3 – Low Threat: Wild Sentinel Token.
4 – Medium Threat: enemy mutant figure <100 points.
5 – High Threat: enemy mutant figure >100 points.
6 – Maximum Threat: Sentinel or Nimrod.

I think that’s about it. I will need a 20 sided die to determine the placement of threats on the map, so if anyone has one they can bring to the game, please do so.


2 Responses

  1. Damn it. I missed another game. This one sounded awesome, too. How did it play out?

  2. Well enough that everyone wanted to play it again for the second game of the night, but with different teams and a higher build total.

    I loved the randomness of it. No one knew what was coming up next (myself included) or where it would appear on the map. As it happened, several threats popped up right next to the player characters. Matt hadn’t even left his starting area when a Sentinel materialized right in front of him. Nimrod appeared adjacent to Nate’s Iceman and started blasting away. Apocolypse and Magneto were the next to appear right near Nate’s forces and gave him a run for his money (which was only about a buck fifty, by the way – cheap bastard!) Beau threw down against the Shadow King and made pretty short work of him.

    For each scenario, we decided that once 5 “threats” were eliminated, the game would end. It was a lot of fun. We’ll have to play it again in the near future when you’re there for it.

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