Infinity Challenge of the Super Friends

Get ready for another action packed evening of clix, chips and chicks (yeah, right!) this Friday! The location has not yet been determined, but we’ll decide that well in advance of game time.

The build totals are as follows:
Game #1: 300 points (No figure over 100 points.)
Game #2: 500 point open build (Bring your Superman figs…you know you want to!)

We’ll decide later if we want to include BCC’s or not.

In other news, I received the case of Hypertime boosters I got on eBay yesterday. I pulled the Unique Superman from booster #3 and thought I was well on my way to getting some Unique figs I didn’t yet have from the set, then was a little frustrated when I went through another 36 boosters without pulling any more Uniques! I was about ready to go Buffy…er, I mean Angel, on somebody for this incredible oversight on the part of Wizkids and their total lack of quality control. I mean, the ratio for this set is supposed to be 1 Unique for every 6 boosters!

Finally, at the bottom of the box, I start pulling the remaining 7 Uniques: 2 Darkseids (got him already), Parasite (got him already too, but I think I’ll insert a custom dial and give him some better stats, since their version sucks fish guts) and then 4 that I’ve been wanting: Batman, Flash, Commissioner Gordon and Joker. So it was definitely worth the 50 clams I paid for it.

Anything less would be uncivilized.


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