Mystics and Mythics

I know I’m bringing up an already stale issue, but I wanted to make those of our gaming group aware of my decision concerning custom Heroclix figures and their team abilities.

The issue is my ongoing concern about Mythological gods like Thor and Hercules who are lacking team abilites that I feel would best represent them and their abilites on the battlefield. Of course the Avengers TA is applicable to the God of Thunder and the Champion of the Greek Gods, but what of the other gods of the Marvel U? They’re getting jipped out of what should rightfully be theirs.

In my conversations with Psycho, we thought it would be good to assign a Marvel version of Mystic Team Ability which has proven to be extremely valuable in any game. He suggested we call it the “Mythic” TA and I thought the logo could be a small pic of Mjolnir or a lightning bolt.

However, after printing up some test logos, I wasn’t very happy with how they looked. Since the ankh, which is used for the Mystic TA is linked to ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, it just seemed a logical choice to stick with that.

Having said all that, be prepared to see some custom god figures armed with the Mystic TA in some future games. I have designs for LE Hercules (much stronger than the ridiculous version of him from the Infinity Challenge set) and my custom LE Thor (in his female form…all thanks to Loki, that rat bastard.)

Party on Wayne!
Party on Garth!


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  1. I too like the Mythic name. I think I might be able to come up with a Mjolnir logo. I’ll email it over this week if I can pull it off.

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