Return of the Supermen!

So it would appear that our gaming group hasn’t flatlined yet!

Nate, Matt, and I all descended on Beau’s house last night to play another 2 chapters of our current Marvel campaign.  Our superhero team The Hard Corps was a little short handed with the absence of Neal, but we managed alright without him.

In this latest episode, a low-level maggia thug helped free some of our dastardly opponents, including Beetle, Blizzard, Constrictor and Scorch.  Spider-Man, Kevlar and Blacklight were able to subdue all of them rather quickly, except for Scorch who fled the scene and escaped somewhere in the concrete jungle of Manhattan.

But our battle was not without incident.  During the confrontation, Blacklight was shot by the maggia henchman, then whipped by Constrictor, then webbed up on accident by a dazed and confused Spidey (he must have been D&C to roll as low as he did) and when he managed to take refuge behind our company car (our shiney Humvee all decked out with surveillance equipment that even James Bond would admire it) the bad guys kept at him, destroying our vehicle in the process.  Oy.

After 5 game rounds had passed and we had pretty much incapacitated the enemy (Spidey had webbed up the thug, Kevlar stunned Constrictor with a concussive grenade and chased down a fleeing Blizzard) the armored character Guardsman finally showed up and took the villains into custody…hopefully for good this time.


The next chapter was quick and painless.  Our heroes met up with a petty criminal named Tack who had been coerced into trying to take us out with a bomb that was strapped to his chest.  We tried to calm him down, but our popularity rolls weren’t high enough and he pressed the detonation switch.  Luckily, there was a delay in the explosion and my character, Kevlar, was able to yank it off the kid and fly up over Chinatown where it exploded without injuring anyone.  Thank god for my Monstrous body armor!

All in all, it was a good night of gaming and we’re looking forward to finally wrapping up this adventure book.


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