Supernova Madness

Well, it’s finally here. The highly anticipated Heroclix expansion set Supernova is now available to Clix players and collectors everywhere. This set promises some extremely valuable pieces for the game, including new and improved versions of Thanos, Thor, and Silver Surfer.

Perhaps the best aspect of this set are the extremely rare Marvel Zombie figures which are found in only 1 out of 100 boosters (approximately 1 in every other case). The Zombie characters include Hulk, Colonel America, Spider-Man and Wolverine (of course…hasn’t he been in every set now?)

The interesting fact about these Zombie figures is that they come with a card that allows them to be used in another WizKids game: Horroclix (which I have yet to even play).

Because the Marvel Supernova expansion set was already sold out even before its release date, online sales have skyrocketed. It was available for pre-sale at for it’s usual price of $220 per case until Tuesday (its release date) at which time it jumped to almost $290. On ebay, I’ve seen cases range from $250 to $350 (Buy It Now).

The Zombie clix are going for well over $100 (EACH!) so its obvious that those are highly sought after.

I went ahead and ordered a case and should I be lucky enough to pull a Zombie figure, I have no reservations about selling it on ebay. I mean, c’mon…100 bucks (or more!) for a single figure? That pays for almost half the case! Besides, I may never even play with the damn thing.

It’s madness I tell you. Sheer madness.


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