“Gentlemen…start your engines!”
Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to Heroclix. Let me try again.
“Huddle up!”
Nope, that doesn’t work either.
“Fall in!”
Sorry…that was an army flashback.

Damn it, just get ready to play Heroclix this Friday night at Matt’s house.

I would post the build totals and themes here, but Matt hasn’t decided on what those are yet.

Chop chop Mattamus! I like to build my teams early in the week! I can’t stand waiting until right before game time to try to piece something together.

I have some ideas for some games, if you’re interested.

Theme: “Stealth” At least one member of your team must have the Stealth power or a team ability that mimics this power (i.e. Batman Allies). Then we play the movie Stealth for background noise.

Theme (or Battlefield Condition Card???): “Captain Universe” Once, at the beginning of each player’s turn, each player rolls 2 dice. The player with the LOWEST roll acquires the Captain Universe Card and can IMMEDIATELY apply the card to anyone on his or her team. That character gains whatever powers and/or abilities that come with the card. (I haven’t decided yet what those would be, but I imagine it would be something like increased stats…maybe a +2 and a power or two.)

Whatcha say?


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