Supernova Map

I remember reading on the WizKids website several months ago that they would release a new map with each new Heroclix expansion set.
The first two maps released after said promise were only available on the website and had to be printed out and pasted together (for the Collateral Damage and Armor Wars sets, I believe.)
After the Supernova set was released, I wondered what the map would be, but I couldn’t find it on the website (at first, anyway) and pretty much figured it was just the one that came with the Days Of Future Past boxed [starter] set. Then, last week, I was on the WizKids site yet again and read how the new map for the Supernova set was printed ON THE BACK of the set poster that comes with each case.
“Ah-hah!” I thought. Since I’d bought a case and had the poster (which I’d just tucked away on a bookshelf somewhere since I’ve ran out of room on my walls to hang it) I knew I was good to go. I pulled it out and opened it up…sure enough, there was the Deep Space Outdoor map. Check it out:

How friggin’ cool is that? Taken straight out of the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet, we have a map with the throne Thanos constructed for himself and his lover, Death. And it looks like that’s the X-Men’s Blackbird jet poised up at the top of the map, waiting to ferry the triumphant heroes back to Earth.

Now our cosmic battles involving Galactus, Dark Phoenix (or the regular X-Men version of Phoenix if you prefer), and Thanos will have the perfect setting. My only complaint is that the map is a little small for a battle on such a large scale. Oh well, we’ll make do, I suppose.

Anything less would be uncivilized.


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