Superhero Movies: The Good, The Bad, and The Alicia Silverstone

For Christmas, I bought some superhero movies for the kids (okay, and me) to enjoy. Amoung them were Superman Returns, Batman & Robin, and Justice League Unlimited: Joining Forces.

I remember being somewhat disappointed in Batman & Robin when I first saw it in theatres way back in 1997, but I don’t remember it being as bad as it actually is. Holy Hell Batman! It’s visually appealing, but that just leads me believe they spent more on the sets and costumes than on script writers. Even an all-star cast couldn’t save this sinking Titanic of a superhero film…a great actor can’t do much with a lousy script.

While the kids were enjoying B&R (they’re too young to know any better), my mom and “stepdad” came over for a brief visit. Alex made the comment that Alicia Silverstone looked pretty hot. Yeah, I used to think so too, but her mouth really creeps me out. She’s always doing these weird things with her lips…it detracts from her beauty.
My mom even said, “she looks better with the Batgirl mask on.” Hah! How funny is that? To say that wearing a mask ON YOUR FACE only improves your looks!

I’ve heard some people make the comment that either Elektra or Catwoman is the worst superhero movie ever. IMO, Catwoman is 10 TIMES better than Batman & Robin!!!

Now, about the Justice League movie. This is actually a collection of 3 episodes from the JL:Unlimited cartoon series and is really fun to watch. I loved the episode
“The Greatest Story Never Told” in which we’re introduced to the character of Booster Gold and his quest for fame and fortune as a superhero. In this episode, BG is stuck on crowd control duty with Elongated Man who is voiced by none other than JEREMY PIVEN!!! I’ve been a Piven fan ever since PCU, so I got a kick out of that.

I’d like to give a brief review of Superman Returns, but I think I’ll devote an entire post to that.

Anything less would be uncivilized.


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