Godspeed, my brother

On Tuesday one of my best friends left.  He went to Texas for two months of training and then he’s heading to Iraq for a year. Needless to say we’re worried about him. All politics aside, I sincerely hope for a swift and peaceful end to the conflicts in the Middle-East.

As one friend leaves and others are more and more busy with their own families and lives, I’m deeply saddened that things will never be the same. However, I know that even though the nature of friendship can change over time and distance, it doesn’t have to lose it’s strength and power. Over the years I credit the influence of my friends with saving my life on many occasions. To me, regardless of time and distance, we will always have a bond. We’ll always be family.

In the book Magician by Raymond E. Feist, a group of friends meets just before leaving for a journey that ends up separating them for 10 years. The character Roland raises his cup and toasts to Friendship. They all toast and make this solemn pledge, that I now make to you my friends:

No matter where we go, no matter how many years pass, never again shall we be without friends.

Godspeed, my brother.


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