Last Friday we had a great couple of games. Unfortunatley I didn’t take pictures (Bad Akanthos. No!). I’ll do better next time.

In attendance we had Jumpboot, Beaucifer, Alucard and myself. Just the four people playing seemed kind of a small turnout after recent weeks, but the games went very smooth. This makes me think that if we have more than four people we need to split onto two maps more often and save the five-man “monkey in the middle” games for scenarios and the like.

For the first game we had a 300 point build total and we used four Time Bomb event dials. We had a roll off to use just one BCC, which ended up being “Defiance”. The game itself was interesting. I think it ended up being pretty close. I’m not even sure who won.

Game two was a 600 point build that required all figs over 20 points to have the same keyword. This was supposed to be a sneaky way for me to play a single colossal fig but Beaucifer and Alucard both played their shiny new Anti-Monitors at the 600 point level. I played Galactus at the Starving level. Jumpboot stole the game, however, with his pair of Ares (Ares’? Areses? Aresi?) figs each using Fortitude.  Beaucifer stole my kill after I worked Alucard down, then Jumpboot took Beaucifer. I KO’d no one by the time we called it. Final points were Jumpboot with 1200 points, Akanthos 600 points, Beaucifer 600 points, Alucard 0.

Looks like there’s no game this week but for Memorial Day weekend we’ll try to do something big. Stay tuned.


3 Responses

  1. To clarify, each Ares fig was assigned “Fortitude”, not the Oracle card.

    Just goes to show you – never underestimate the little guys!

  2. My mistake. I corrected the post.

    You know, I myself was damn close to using a team of regular sized figs where each had the Monster Hunter feat card. Now I think I should have.

  3. A team of regular figs using “Monster Hunter”, Would you call that team the Scoobies?

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