The End…?

So by now everyone has read that WizKids Games is in corporate limbo by it’s useless parent company “Bottoms”, putting all of our aspirations for new sets and most desired figs to be redone, stuffed in a crate and stowed away into the warehouse from the end of “Raiders of the lost Ark”. (I will only refer to the Raiders not that shitty excuse for a fourth movie that has further damaged my childhood.) Now that we are left refreshing the Heroclix website for any new updates that may lift us up, but will break our hearts again, I will direct you to this quaint little website and humorous post about how to beat up Peter Parker.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been trying to keep tabs on the latest gossip concerning this whole mess on the HC Realms message boards. There is a ton of speculation as to what may or may not ultimately happen to our favorite collectible minature game, but one thing is brutally apparent: there are some die-hard clix fans who aren’t willing to let this game go so easily.

    The brand manager (and former WizKids employee) Jake Theis is trying to keep it alive. Check out his blog at:

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed gentlemen!

  2. Okay, so we know that Jake Theis is trying to buy the WizKids properties under the banner of Pinata Games, but I just found the following link that indicates another company is interested in picking up the licenses:

    So maybe there really is some hope for the game after all!

    Oh and one final note: Topps sucks.

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