Don’t loose hope just yet.

Jake Theis on Save Heroclix and for Piniata Games has posted this yesterday…

“We’re kind of in a weird position now.  Quite a bit is happening behind the scenes, and we can talk about …well… none of it.

I think regardless of how things shake out behind the scenes; HeroClix will be sold soon and Pinata Games will somehow be a part of the brand’s relaunch.  These are just my opinions, as I can’t talk too much about what’s happening.  Pinata has the skills to get the brand back on rails and a vision for one path of where HeroClix could go.

I am 99% certain that HeroClix will be sold and relaunch quickly (provided we get an opportunity to help out the new owner(s) with Hammer of Thor).

Keep the faith and hold strong.  HeroClix is almost saved; to lose faith now, as we approach the next exciting steps in the brand’s life, would be too bad.

I hope to be able to share “real” news with you soon. 

-Jake “


So hang in there Clix-aholics.


One Response

  1. I sincerely hope that the relaunch of Heroclix isn’t too far off the horizon. I’m really looking forward to the Hammer of Thor set and would be infinitely disappointed if it never sees the light of day.

    In the meantime, however, this break from Heroclix has allowed me to shift my focus on other WizKids games, such as Horrorclix, which I was never really able to get into because Heroclix consumed so much of my time (and hard-earned cash!)

    I need my plastic crack fix – regardless of what form it comes in – be it Heroclix, Horrorclix or Mage Knight. Star Wars Minis might even be in my future!

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