Custom Heroclix Expansion Set: Marvel Knights #001

Here is the first figure from my custom Heroclix expansion set, which I’ve dubbed “Marvel Knights”.  Although I haven’t designed it yet, this set will feature the Marvel Knights Feat Card (which will probably cost somewhere between 5 and 10 points and grant Stealth to any character with the Marvel Knights Keyword.)

MK #001: Punisher

This is the “new and improved” Punisher that appeared shortly after the death of Captain America.  I actually purchased this figure on eBay (I think it was from eBay user “freshfromthesewers” – I also buy from “Faces77” on occasion) and revamped the dial, dialtop, and worked up the card.





 (My apologies for the poor image quality of the card.  I worked it up as a Word document and had to paste it into Photoshop, then save it as a JPG in order to post it here.  The actual card is clean and legible.)

In case you can’t read them, the Special Powers are:

[Sharpshooter]  THERMAL GOGGLES:  Punisher ignores hindering terrain when drawing lines of fire.

[Defense] IT’S NOT VENGEANCE, IT’S PUNISHMENT:  Punisher can use Toughness and Willpower.  This power cannot be countered.

[Damage] GRENADES:  Punisher can use Smoke Cloud, Energy Explosion and Incapacitate.


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  1. That is not a bad representation of the Punisher.

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