Game Specs – 1/23/09

Game night for our Core Group tonight at Neal’s.  Beaucifer and I will be bringing pizza and we should arrive shortly before 7.

Game Specs are as follows:

Assassins vs. Bodyguards

Build Total:  200 points 

Players will be broken up into two opposite teams – Assassins and Bodyguards.  Bodyguard characters will select a bystander token from a pre-determined pool of characters which they will have to protect as the bystander attempts to complete a specific mission (watch out, I’ve thrown in a few surprises!), wheras the assassin characters will be tasked to elimate said bystanders.  Some rules to consider:                 

·         Each player will take turns randomly placing Special Markers.  These may not be placed any closer than 6 squares away from any starting area.

·         Unless stated otherwise, bystander tokens will begin the game adjacent to their assigned bodyguard in the controlling player’s starting area.

·         Award Points are granted for mission completion or assassination.  If a bystander has completed the mission or is otherwise instructed to return to their original starting area, remove them from the game once they have returned.  Award points do not include the bystander’s point value.

·         Players will always move their bystander tokens first, following (as closely as possible) the rules outlined in each of the “missions” before taking action with their other characters.

·         An “attempt on the life of a bystander” is defined as any attack on either the bystander or their bodyguard, whether successful or not.

I realize that since this is the first time we’ve attempted such a scenario, we may run into a snag here or there (I honestly try, but I just can’t think of everything!)  We’ll deal with any and all of those as we come to them.

I brought along a few of my latest customs to offer up as prizes, so every point counts!

Game 2:  400 point open build with one Battlefield Condition Card.

See you maniacs tonight!


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