Game Recap

Last Friday’s games went very well, IMO. 

The Assassins/Bodyguard game was fun, even though our bystander token characters got eliminated so quickly and easily.  An interesting moment was when Neal revealed his Nightcrawler character had drawn the President Horne bystander token to assassinate.  Quite a lucky accident that reflected the X2 movie!

The open build game was fun too, although I just now realized we forgot to implement the Battlefield Condition Card.  Oh well.  We did introduce a new object token in that game however – Captain America’s shield.  This was a freebie token that came with a custom Nomad heroclix figure I bought on eBay a few years ago and never used for anything.  It was a simple sticker applied to an existing light object token.  This was fun to play and we used the following rules:

1 – Super Strength is not required to lift, carry or throw.

2 – It grants the wielder a +1 to Defense.

3 – It cannot be destroyed and never leaves the map.

4 – If thrown by Captain America, it does regular damage per thrown light object rules and returns to him.

Probably no game night this coming Friday – at least not for Beaucifer or myself since we’ll be staying late at work for our month-end rush of orders.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the cases of Horrorclix I’m scheduled to receive this week and adding more little plastic figures to my ever-expanding collection!

In parting, Topps sucks. 



One Response

  1. I agree that we need to use the Capt. America Shield often.

    Yeah! Suck it Topps!

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