Game Recap 2/6/09

Nate hosted clix night at his pad this past Friday night. Attendees were Nate, Beaucifer and myself.
Game 1 was a 400 point game called “The Incredible Shrinking Map” in which the map would lose the outside squares every 5 minutes. It was fun, but turned into a slaughter as Beau’s Apocalypse and Omega Red team decimated every other figure on the map.

Game 2 was a 700 point game where 1 figure had to be at least 500 points. Nate used World’s Finest, Beau used Starro, and I used my custom Beyonder. Nate and I thought it might be best to team up against Starro which should have been more difficult to defeat (but the die rolls just weren’t working out for Beau every time he tried to heal up Tentacle Boy by re-absorbing its starrophites.)

Nate mixed up a few drinks, which helped to enliven the evening. That Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Key Lime stuff was great!

No plans yet for a game next week.


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  1. I really expected more from my cosmic starfish. And yes there might be a double entendre in there.

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