Heroclix: The Resurrection

Some very promising news from Jake Theis over at saveheroclix.com:

Howdy folks,

I’m just popping in to share some more good news. I’m pretty beat, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.


1) We (Pinata) have reached a deal in principle with the new game company formed to purchase HeroClix. We’re on-board and once their deal with Topps closes, we’ll be back working fulltime on HeroClix. Whew!

The new company will staff up to support the transitioning brands, and Pinata will be one component of the new company’s operations. We’ll still be based out of Seattle, and we’ll spend the vast majority of our time planning for and relaunching HeroClix.

2) Hammer of Thor will be the first product release post-relaunch. We’re working with several vendors now to see how fast we can get it to market (without sacrificing any quality).

3) We’re also working on a press release with the new game company that should help explain how things will work and will give you some of the details of the transition. Because we still don’t have a final deal in place, I have to be a little mum on this until we’re wrapped.

I hope to have more concrete news soon.




We’re getting closer to some new figs!


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