Heroclix Game – Friday March 13th

We have another fun-filled night of ‘clix planned for this Friday the 13th.

Location: GoEngineer conference room (upstairs)

Time: 7(ish)

Game #1:  Revenge of the ZOMBIES!

400 point build total – no figure over 150.

Game #2: Grounded

300 point build total – no figures with the wing symbol.

Game #3:  Open

500 point build total with Battlefield Condition Cards.

Bring your clix, your snacks, your booze and your A game!


2 Responses

  1. The Zombie game was fun. Way to go Matt! you just hunkered down an defended that starting area untill the end.

    And a special shout out to Ryan for his “Alien killing” custom Punisher. That led me to victory in the second game.

  2. Yeah, Matt really cleaned up in the Zombie beat down. What’d he end up with – 19 kills? I think I came in dead last in that game with only 3 kills.

    And The Punisher is capable of killing much more than just aliens my friend! He’s a lean, mean, fighting machine!

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