This week’s game info

Greatings, true believers.

This week we’re playing at my house, Friday night at 7-ish.

Game 1: 500-point themed team. At least 75% of your build total must share the same keyword or team ability.

Game 2: 300-point CQB scenario. The “Deep Shadows” BCC is in effect. Special Battlefield Condition: Claustrophobia – At the beginning of each round starting with the third, the edges of the map move 2 spaces inwards. Any figure occupying an affected space suffers 1 click of penetrating damage and is knocked back 2 spaces. If there is no legal space to be knocked back into, the figure is KO’d.


3 Responses

  1. So in other words, for game 2, get your ass to the center of the map and start shootin’!

    We did a game similar to this at Nate’s place a few weeks back – the map decreased by one space at the beginning of each round, but if a figure was caught in a disappearing square, they were KO’d immediately – there was no knock back option. You really have to keep track of where your figs are and their actions – I think Nate and I both lost figs to the shrinking map because we just weren’t paying enough attention to where we’d left them.

  2. I had thought about that, actually. I think I have a good way to help. I’m using some thin red ribbon to mark the edges. I also wanted the walls to not start moving in right away to give everyone a chance to deploy without being too rushed.

    Should the walls stop moving in at some point? Leave a small 6 by whatever area in the middle?

  3. I think that might be a good idea. In Nate’s game, the walls stopped, leaving only the center 4 squares. What was interesting about it though was we used the Castle Doom map (outdoors) which has the crossed walls in the center so you could easily get trapped in one of them. I think normally, those walls can’t be destroyed, but we allowed it for that game. It was pretty fun.

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