Gambling is fundamental

As selfless form of rebellion from our usual “game” night we’re going to try and spend tonight playing a… different type of game. POKER!



4 Responses

  1. So how did poker night go? I’m very disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it last night. Did you follow-through with the $5 buy-in?

    What do you guys have planned for the next 2 Fridays? More poker or is it back to ‘clix?

  2. Poker night was awesome. We didn’t do the $5 buy in, since it was just the first night and we were just trying to figure out what the hell we were doing, but I think we should start it next time. At the end of the night I think the winner should get most of the pot and the runner up should get his money back. everyone else should practice.

    But I think we really need to do this again. I’m out of town this Friday, we’re camping for the weekend, but the following week I’d love to host another poker night at my place. You guys game?

  3. I think we should toggle between Poker and Clix for our get togethers. I see a new trend.

  4. Friday the 29th is our end-of-month, so don’t plan on us showing up that night.

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