The End of Jumpboot’s Custom Clix?

I broke my computer a few weeks ago.
Well, the hard drive anyway.
Akanthos, being the computer expert of the group, was happy to take a look at it and replace the hard drive and get me up and running again.
Unfortunately, (at least for the time being), I am unable to access any of the data I had on the old hard drive. My wife is understandably upset at the potential loss of all our family photos, whereas I’m more heartbroken at the loss of all my custom heroclix documents: dial templates, point value generators, character cards, etc.
Akanthos is hopeful that he’ll still be able to recover this data, but in the meantime, my custom clix production has come grinding to a painful halt.
It’s entirely my own fault, of course, for not backing up my data or taking better care of my computer, but the thought of losing all that work (which has taken me years to compile and [almost] perfect) makes me feel like a part of me has died.
So, I’ve begun the process anew. I’m currently scouring the internet for the templates and spreadsheets I once took for granted. So far, I’ve been able to locate a point value generator on the HCRealms site, but it’s not the one I’m used to. Maybe it’ll work even better than the old one.
If anyone reading this happens to have dial templates in Adobe format (Fireworks, Photoshop and/or Illustrator) – for both regular and large sized dials (inserts and dial tops), I would very much appreciate it if you could help me out.
Akanthos: I think I emailed you the templates I was using for the big figure dial insert and top. Please email those back to me if you don’t mind.

That is all.


Update:  Okay, I think I may actually be back in business already.  It didn’t take me all that long to locate some great templates from a few awesome clixers on HCRealms.

My thanks go to HCRealms users Tidge, Eargosedown, Wimbley, Xplodiak and Theavengerthor!  You guys rock!


One Response

  1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *pant*pant* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I had some kind of program on my computor for the Lobo Dial. I’ll see if I still have it.

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