G’nort by G’nortwest

I’m on a bit of a Green Lantern kick right now (thanks be to Beaucifer for lending me his latest GL books and the “Green Lantern: First Flight” animated flick recently) and I’ve been looking through my GL Heroclix.

Why, oh why did the great Wizard of WizKids neglect to grant lovable little G’nort the Green Lantern Team Ability? After doing a little bit of research on Wiki, it appears that he aquired his ring from his father and that he was never really assigned to be a Corps member by the Guardians, and yet he assisted the GL Corps on numerous occasions. Taking into consideration that his ring has the same capabilities of that of any other corps member AND that he has “Green Lantern Corps” as a keyword, I don’t see any real reason why the G’nort heroclix shouldn’t have the TA.

I’d like to suggest to our core gaming group that, as a house rule, G’nort be considered to have the GL TA.

What say you?



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