Bits & Pieces

***Disclaimer – I’m a little sloshed on Malibu and Pepsi (Malisi? Pepibu?) right now, so please forgive any typos or grammatical irregularities.***

Tonight’s games were, in a word, spectacular.

Game 1 (Civil War) was a respectable smack-down, with my Anti-Registration team (Veteran Power Man, Veteran Iron Fist, Storm from the X-Men boxed set, custom Unique The Punisher and customer Unique Prince of Power – aka Hercules) teaming up with Mattimus Prime’s forces of Punisher, Dr. Strange, Ultimates Captain America…and I don’t remember who else teaming up against Beaucifer and Nate’s combined Pro-Registration teams of Iron Man(s), Sentry, Ms. Marvel (Human Version), Deadpool, Green Goblin, Deathstroke the Terminator (I know he’s DC, but we allowed it for the scenario) and whoever else they played with.

It was basically my guys against Beaucifers’s guys for the majority of the game and Nate mixed it up with Mattimus on the other side of the map.  We played for a good 2 hours or so, squeezing every ounce of gameplay from most of the little plastic men (and women.)  I ended up winning that game, but because Beaucifer was kind enough to let me take the extra Secret Invasion Sentry unique off of Mattimus’ hands, I was more than happy to let Beaucifer choose the custom Hulk and Red Hulk figures from my prize box.

I had high hopes for my Green Lantern team in game 2, but Mattimus wiped me clean off the map.  I had Kilowog, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart (the phasing figure) and the Hal Jordan GL from the Crisis set and I got my @$$ handed to me by Mattimus and his forces of Superman (Superman Prime, Veteran Icons Superman, the custom Running Superman I gave him and The Question).  It didn’t take much for him to wipe me clean off the map, despite the use of my two custom feat cards (the replacement Green Lantern TA card and the Protective Barrier cards), but thanks to the hammering that Beau’s chase figure Superman did to the Superman Prime, my Kilowog (who was the last man on my team at that point) was able to KO the Superman Prime.

Nate had selected the 800 point version of the Anti-Moniter, but Beaucifer concentrated his forces of Superman Prime, chase figure Superman (Earth 2) and The Spectre against him and was eventually able to knock him into oblivion.

But more importantly, we had some drinks and some laughs.  Even Dustin stopped by for a social call before he had to leave for another engagement.

In other news, my little Xander turns 4 tomorrow, (okay, as of this writing, 17 minutes ago) and we have a big day of celebration planned tomorrow.  My Scottie turned 6 this past Wednesday, so we’re getting them a cake (they selected a pirate cake this year) and we’re going bowling, opening some presents and tomorrow night we’re all going to the Drive-in to see G.I. Joe and Transformers 2!  (What a fantastic match-up of flicks!)

For now, I bid you all adieu (did I spell that correctly?) and wish you a great weekend!


(Oh and for the record, MAKE MINE MARVEL!)


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