Game Night – Friday Oct 9, 2009

Game night at GoEngineer (in our new conference room!) tomorrow night.

Akanthos came up with the game specs:

Game 1: 200 point theme

Game 2: 600 point open with Battlefield Condition Cards

Now I just have to build my teams…..


7 Responses

  1. Yawn! It’s late. Just finished building my teams.

    Oh, I stopped at the candy store on my way home tonight so I’ll have something good to drink at game night. I can’t believe how much these cost now that we can’t get them at the grocery store any more! It’s like twice the price! Highway robbery!

    (Where’s a real superhero when you need one?)

  2. I just realized how sad it is to be leaving comments on my own post.

    I might as well just start using that damn twitter.

  3. The “Candy” Store? Got a bit of a sweet tooth do ya?
    I’d like to hit the candy store tomorrow too.

  4. I like that little code word. Thanks to Nate for suggesting it.

    Do we have a nickname / internet alias for Nate? If he doesn’t have one, we should assign one to him (or actually be nice and let him choose his own.)

  5. Candy store. I like it.

    Yes. Start posting on Twitter. You’d be awesome.

    Nate’s online alias. Either “Suprise!-I’m-Playing-The-Joker”, “Seamus” or “Disco Stick”.

  6. He told me that he wants to go by “Wes Sayid”.

    Because that’s where he’s from and what he’ll name his first born son.

  7. This game turned out to be really fun,
    granted Colton totally kicked my ass.

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