Game Night 10/16/09

All right Fanbys! Friday is game night.

Game Night. Game 1: “Battle in the streets” 400 points, all figs must have the Foot movement symbol and your team must have a minimum of 4 figs.

Game 2: “Wave of Mutilation” 500 points, Figs must have the Wing or Dolphin movement symbol. No Fig over 200 points.

Location to be determined, but be sure to stop at the “Candy Store” before you come out.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for getting the game specs out so early in the week. I actually built my teams last night. I don’t think I’ve ever had them ready this far in advance before.

    Jolly good show!

  2. No Problem. I like to get some time to think of what figs to use in advance.

    I really think the Wave of Mutilation game is going to be very special. I’ve seen some of the plans.

  3. Are you going to announce more of the scenario for game 2 prior to game night, or just wait until we’re all sitting down and ready to play?

  4. I think I’ll do it when were sitting down ready to play.

  5. “Yes. It’s -2 to attack.”

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