Zombies In Area – Run!!!

Game night tonight.  Mattimus Prime wanted to run a couple of Halloween-themed games, so (as far as I can tell), the games will be:

Game 1:  Werewolves and Zombies and Vampires, oh my!

Akanthos, Mattimus and Wes Sayid will each build 300 point teams of “heroes” (I’m sure villain characters will be acceptable as well) and square off against the forces of evil.  Beaucifer and I will each build a 450 point team of monsters from my Horrorclix figures.  I’ve got a team of vamps.  It remains to be seen which monsters Beaucifer will select for his team.

Game 2:  Zombie Attack – Part 3

We’ll be playing Akanthos’ zombie invasion scenario again (Grr, argh!) so plan on using figures with lots of firepower.  I recommend characters with ranged attacks, multiple targets and energy explosion for this one.

Not sure yet where we’ll be playing.  Probably in the GoEngineer conference room again.

Oh and remember, Wolfman’s got nards.


One Response

  1. Change #27: Beaucifer will not be joining us this evening since he’s still sick (I hope it isn’t something he picked up while touring the Umbrella Corporation facility earlier this week!)

    And unless stated otherwise, we’ll be playing at the home of Akanthos.

    See you little maniacs tonight!

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