New HeroClix Game Mechanic: Minions

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(What can I say?  I’m guilty of the copy and paste sin.)

“MINION” Rules
Several characters in Hammer of Thor have “Minion” powers, such as that listed below. Minion powers are powers that generally make low-ranking members of a force more powerful if there is a “General” to lead them into battle and inspire them – either by inspiring fear or courage in their followers (minions).

Rock Troll has the power: Minion: We Follow the Strongest When a friendly character named Ulik is within 8 squares, Rock Troll can use Charge and modifies its attack value by +1.

To make sure everyone is clear on this new “mechanic” that will be continuing into future HeroClix sets, here are some helpful hints.

-The word Minion itself has no special meaning. It’s simply a tag to identify a related group of powers that behave in a similar way. It’s listed in italics because of this. The specific name of a “Minion” power, if any, is listed in bold following the word Minion. All effects of the Minion power are completely described by the rules text on the card, as with all Special Powers.

-In general, Minion powers are simply Special powers that generally behave in this way:
+They are found most often on “generic” characters and in the common slot
+They require a friendly character with specific keyword(s) or a specific name (a “General”) to be on the map for this ability to be used by the character with the minion ability.
+They require that the specific character be within 8 squares
+They are just like other special powers – they may modify a combat value, grant the use of a standard power, or be a completely non-standard power.
+Minion powers generally are found on all slots of a dial where they appear, and the damage slot is most often used.

There are exceptions to this list, but these are the general guidelines that drives the design of Minion powers.

-For characters with a Minion power who begin an action within 8 squares of a specific character required (a “General”), the ability applies to that action. It does not apply if they begin an action farther than 8 squares from a required character. (Note that this rule applies to free actions that are part of larger power actions.)

Consider this example:
Rock Troll is exactly 8 squares away from Ulik. He uses a Power Action to use Charge, with his movement value of 8. He moves 4 squares, and is no longer within 8 squares of Ulik. He does not “stop” charging as soon as he moves outside of 8 squares – he continues to be able to use the charge ability until he begins another action. He then uses a close combat attack as a free action. Because he is now outside of 8 squares when beginning this free action, he does NOT modify his attack value by +1.

-Minion powers can be countered as normal, and they are optional as normal.

-“Within 8 squares” includes “Generals” exactly 8 squares away.

-The mechanic is designed in such a way that it’s possible in the future that other powers could reference all characters that “can use a Minion power”, but no such powers exist in Hammer of Thor.

What do you guys think of this?


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  1. I’d really like to try and retroactively add a similar mechanic like this to older generic figures.

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