Heroclix Power Compatibility Chart

I finally started working on an excel spreadsheet that will easily identify what powers can be used in conjunction with other powers (I’m surprised I haven’t already stumbled across one of these somewhere.)

I’m already stuck on one though, so I’m soliciting assistance from the Hard Corps (our gaming group) and/or anyone else out there in the webiverse.

Can Charge be used with Leap/Climb?  I realize that these are both movement powers, but there are some cases where a character’s special power includes both.  I want to say yes, but the wording in the power descriptions could be considered conflicting.

For me, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Spidey, although already engaged in combat with a couple of baddies, spots an even more pressing situation nearby and leaps from one melee to another.  Here is where a special power with Leap/Climb and Charge could apply.

But let’s look at what the powers state:

“LEAP/CLIMB – When you give this character a move action, it automatically breaks away and ignores the effects of characters, hindering terrain, elevated terrain, and outdoor blocking terrain on movement (but it can’t end its movement on blocking terrain).”

“CHARGE – Give this character a power action; halve its speed value for the action.  Move this character up to its replacement speed value and then give it a close combat action as a free action.” 

The wording is tricky.  Leap/Climb requires a MOVE ACTION and Charge requires a POWER ACTION.  This then is a conflict since a character can only be given a single action at a time (unless otherwise stated.)  But it also seems to me that the move action is somewhat implied with the Charge’s power action.

If it’s decided that the wording prevents usage of these two powers at the same time, then I propose we allow it as a house rule.  I welcome any thoughts and comments.

Oh, and as always: Excelsior!


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely think you can use both in conjunction. Since the special powers have been in play we’ve used these to together. I say we stand with that.

  2. To be honest, if you look at the wording alone I’d say that one excludes the other. BUT, they’re both movement powers so by default they exclude one another. By combining them into a special power I think we’re in territory that the game designers didn’t think of when they created the first iteration of the PAC.

    To me the deciding factor is if the character card says “you may use Leap/Climb AND Charge” or if it says “you may use Leap/Climb OR Charge”. If it says “AND” and (and there’s not a specific rule or clarification about it) I say go on your Leap-Charge, Spidey. And remember, with great leap-charging power comes great leap-charging responsibility.

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