Resolution Progress – Review of Norse Code

Fun fact: I love to read.

No, really. I have a lot of books. I’ve read them all and many of them I’ve read more than once. There are a few that I’ve read well over a dozen times. Rereading a favorite book is like reconnecting with old friends. I love to read and I’ve got so many books that when I find myself looking for something to read I head to my bookshelf and look for something familiar that’s appropriate to my mood.

And this is my problem.

I have resolved that this year I will read at least twenty books (this is a pretty easy goal for me) but that not a single one of them will be something I’ve previously read. I’m looking to branch out and add some new names to my favorite authors list and some new titles to my shelves. (I welcome recommendations.)

While I’m doing this you should be getting something out of it, right? Of course. So I’m going to be posting book reviews of everything I read that’s science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy fiction, fantasy science fiction…basically anything geek related. If you have limited time to read and want to just focus on the good stuff, I’ll find it for you and tell the Interweb Tubes all about it.

For my first review I have Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout. This was my 3rd book on my way to 20.  (The first two were The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights both by John Masefield.  These are more children’s classics so I won’t review them here unless asked.)  Norse Code is a story of Norse mythology, specifically Ragnarok, set in modern day. The primary point of view is Kathy Castillo, an MBA student that was murdered, brought back as a Valkyrie, renamed Mist, and assigned to recruit soldiers for Odin’s army via the NorseCODE genome project. She’s part of the Asgardian system, but still new to most things so we learn through her eyes.  Along the way she meets Hermod, one of Odin’s sons, and tries to get his help in save her sister from Helheim.  However, they find out that Ragnorok is just around the corner, everything is about to hit the fan, and they need to figure out which side they’re on.

I found this to be a very interesting and quick read.  Just the kind of thing I like when traveling.  I loved how Van Eekhout obviously knows his Norse mythology very well. The the scope of this story was a bit too ambitious for the size of the book. It didn’t ‘feel’ epic enough for the major events that took place. But I still loved the idea and how well Van Eekhout wove the myth and modern aspects of the story.

I give this a 3.5 out of 5. Worth your time and money but not an all-time favorite.

Reviews are coming soon for Daemon and Freedom(TM) by Danial Suarez, Hyperion by Dan Simmons, and The Black Company by Glen Cook

Armored Kickassedness

A preview for the upcoming Web of Spiderman Heroclix set.  How friggin’ sweet is this???

Brave and the Bold Chase Figure Sneak Peek!

“I’m excited, are you excited?”

“I’m thrilled.”

Fail or Win? You Decide.

From the good folks at

Subject: The night before the morning after.

So gaming at Akanthos place Friday night at 6:30. And he has assigned rolls everyone.

 Beaucifer is in charge of build specs:

1st game – 400 point No fig over 100 point open.

2nd Game – 300 point No custom figs (Wizkids Originals) open.

Jumpboot had a good question regarding the second game:  “I do have one question about game 2. I’m on board with the “no customs” rule, but what about figures that have been made to match existing WizKids figs?  For example, I never got the LE Simon Williams fig, but I made one for myself that exactly matches the official version.  Would something like that be allowed?  If not, that’s fine.”

My response is:  “As long as the point value and dial match a corresponding Wizkids production figure, I’m fine with it.”

Mattimus Prime is in charge of pizza: I like Pepperoni, Sausage and Pineapple, but I’m good with whatever really.

 Ryan is in charge of Chargers.

Akanthos will be the designated drinker/bartender. It’s a roll he was born for.

…and let loose the clix of war!



Legendary Epic Battle of Legand

Alternate Post Titles:
That’s no moon…
We’re going to need a bigger boat…
My god. It’s full of stars…

Tonight we’re playing a ridiculously high point game at my place. We’re having a 1400 point build, four player battle spanning two maps. If my math is correct that all equals (so, let’s see, that’s 1400…multiplied by 4…carry the 2…divided by 2…) 100% PURE AWESOMENESS.

After our minds have turned to to goo following such cataclysmic combat, we’re going to be playing Beaucifer’s Last Night on Earth zombie board game. Which is also a distinct form of awesomeness.

It’s gonna be big.

A Little Something For The Fanboys

She's TOTALLY going to crease the spines! That'll drop the resale value!

Hey Lady Deadpool, Batman called, he wants his belt back!