Subject: The night before the morning after.

So gaming at Akanthos place Friday night at 6:30. And he has assigned rolls everyone.

 Beaucifer is in charge of build specs:

1st game – 400 point No fig over 100 point open.

2nd Game – 300 point No custom figs (Wizkids Originals) open.

Jumpboot had a good question regarding the second game:  “I do have one question about game 2. I’m on board with the “no customs” rule, but what about figures that have been made to match existing WizKids figs?  For example, I never got the LE Simon Williams fig, but I made one for myself that exactly matches the official version.  Would something like that be allowed?  If not, that’s fine.”

My response is:  “As long as the point value and dial match a corresponding Wizkids production figure, I’m fine with it.”

Mattimus Prime is in charge of pizza: I like Pepperoni, Sausage and Pineapple, but I’m good with whatever really.

 Ryan is in charge of Chargers.

Akanthos will be the designated drinker/bartender. It’s a roll he was born for.

…and let loose the clix of war!




2 Responses

  1. Um…okay…CHARGE! *Hands over the Mastercard*

    And are we all really getting rolls? Like dinner rolls? I’d prefer scones if given the option.

    (j/k – I think you meant to say “roles”)

    And one more thing – I want one of those Fantastic Four bathrobes. Then I can yell “It’s Showerin’ Time!” whenever I wear it. 🙂

  2. No I meant “Rolls”, I think Neal was going to bake some for us.

    Bake us some rolls. I don’t like being wrong.

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