New 3D Objects for Heroclix

I want to be excited about the new 3D Objects previewed on today, but I’m really not. 

Perhaps it’s because it looks like they’re all sitting atop a steaming pile of shit.

Anyway, game on!  (I guess.)


‘Clix, then ‘Cast, but not ClixCast

Tomorrow night’s Super Fun Happy Time:

Place: Akanthos’ house (I think, did we ever determine that?)

Start Time: 6:30ish to 7ish

Game 1:  1000 point build total.  No Colossal figures and no cosmic figures (Power Cosmic/Quintessence TA, or characters with the “Cosmic” keyword)  Giant figures and figures with the “Deity” keyword are allowed.

Game 2: TBD (Wes Sayid was to determine this one)

After the game(s), we’ll settle in for another fun-filled podcast.  Akanthos gave us homework for this one, so I hope you’re all ready.

Game on!

Bizarro Clix!

How’s this for a “bizarre” twist on a ‘Clix game? (I found this on the Dark Tower Comics website):


Bizarro Clix!

Well, I can’t remember the last time we did a backwards dial game, so let’s trot out this old classic. 400 points, four actions, and everyone starts with one click of life. You take damage? Click counterclockwise. Healing or regeneration clicks you clockwise (although not past KO).

A backwards dial game you say?  It’s so genius it just might work!

We’ll have to try this one sometime.

Watchmen Heroclix Map!

You have to have balls to play on this map.




Seriously though, I would play on this map.  FTW!

Legendary Epic Battle of Legand

Alternate Post Titles:
That’s no moon…
We’re going to need a bigger boat…
My god. It’s full of stars…

Tonight we’re playing a ridiculously high point game at my place. We’re having a 1400 point build, four player battle spanning two maps. If my math is correct that all equals (so, let’s see, that’s 1400…multiplied by 4…carry the 2…divided by 2…) 100% PURE AWESOMENESS.

After our minds have turned to to goo following such cataclysmic combat, we’re going to be playing Beaucifer’s Last Night on Earth zombie board game. Which is also a distinct form of awesomeness.

It’s gonna be big.

Game Night – March 5, 2010

It’s been a couple of weeks since we played clix, so I’m anxious to get together for some miniature superhero mayhem!

Game 1:  JLA / Avengers

600 point build total

Players will split up into two even teams.  One team will consist of Avengers characters and the other will be the JLA.  Figures must have either the JLA / Avengers Team Ability or Keyword.

Game 2:  For Asgard!

400 Point Open Build.  We’ll throw in the Mjolnir 3D object and see who can wield it and kick some ass!

If there’s time and interest for a 3rd game, we’ll do a 1000 point game.  Feel free to build a new team or combine figures from the first two teams.  I have a new custom that I’d like to field and it’s 1000 points.  I think you guys will dig it.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Duo Fig Preview

Found this floating around on HCRealms.  Thought it could bear a repost here.

It looks kind of like a Gotham City strip club scene doesn’t it?  Batman’s either the owner or a bouncer of the joint, keeping out all the underage Teen Titans while Martin Manhunter is enjoying the floor show.