‘Clix, then ‘Cast, but not ClixCast

Tomorrow night’s Super Fun Happy Time:

Place: Akanthos’ house (I think, did we ever determine that?)

Start Time: 6:30ish to 7ish

Game 1:  1000 point build total.  No Colossal figures and no cosmic figures (Power Cosmic/Quintessence TA, or characters with the “Cosmic” keyword)  Giant figures and figures with the “Deity” keyword are allowed.

Game 2: TBD (Wes Sayid was to determine this one)

After the game(s), we’ll settle in for another fun-filled podcast.  Akanthos gave us homework for this one, so I hope you’re all ready.

Game on!


Podcast Premier!

Well, we finally got off our asses and did it.  We recorded us sitting on our asses and talking geek.  I’m hammering out the technical details for the subscription feed and the like, but in the mean time here is our pilot episode.  The official episode 1 will be sometime next week, so check back often.

In the mean time, chew on this NSFW content.

3Rule Podcast: Episode Zero.