Anyone up for Cap-sicles?

Over on Film School Rejects they have an article on the Captain America frozen in the ice as part of the alternate opening for the Incredible Hulk DVD. I found this to be the better of the article s on the subject. Please check it out here.

And for your amusement…. HULK SMASH!!!!

"Did I leave the iron on?"

Beaucifer’s Bonus Comic Book Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

So for those of you who don’t know, the Hulk is one of my favorite Marvel Characters. In the same vane as Ghost Rider or Werewolves, I have an affinity for those characters that have to maintain the internal fight to hold back the darkness. The current Hulk movie did, in leaps and bounds, show what we love about the hulk. The flawless Bruce Banner performance by Edward Norton was paramount to Robert Downey Jr’s performance as Tony Stark in last month’s Iron Man. The move made several key references to the larger Marvel Universe including a special guest appearance allowing for the further possibility of crossover movies. Also the inclusion of some obscure comic book mythos and tie-in references to the 70’s Incredible Hulk TV series made this as much a movie for the fan boys as it does for those who are minimally aware of the Hulk.

The Jade Giant and Emil Blonsky talk it out.


The movie was well paced with action and story intermixed beautifully and all the performances are award worthy with Norton as our titular character, Tim Roth as the vicious Emil Blonsky/ Abomination, William Hurt as close minded and desperate General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross ever dedicated and supportive to our cursed protagonist.

As for a comparison to the 2003 Hulk movie by Ang Lee, there is no comparison. This is the Hulk Movie we expected to see five years ago.  And as a fan of the Jade Giant in all his forms I am glad its finally the way it should be.

COTC: Blue Vs. Green

Dear COTC,


I have a sister with a serious gambling problem.  She’s gotten herself into some pretty deep debt and often asks me for money.  I have a decent, stable job, and I don’t mind helping her out on occasion, but over the past several months, I’ve “loaned” her several thousand dollars and I know that without some kind of counseling to overcome her addiction, she’ll keep pestering me for more money.  I’ve taken to avoiding her completely because I hate having to say no to her.  When it comes to family, I’m a bit of a pushover.

What I really need to know is, if Superman and The Hulk ever got into a knock-down, no-holds-barred kind of fight, who would emerge victorious? 

I mean, Supes has a ranged attack, which is an advantage over Mr. Purple Jeans, but The Hulkster just gets stronger the angrier he gets.  If he got mad enough, don’t you think he’d be able to take down The Last Son of Krypton?


I appreciate your insight.



A True Marvelite in Manhattan



Dear MM,


Ah, another good question.

Superman would win, but the fight would be awesome. The best reference I can use to support my answer is the “DC vs. Marvel” 4-issue miniseries published by DC Comics and Marvel in 1996 written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini. The outcome of the story was based on a Fan vote and Supes won in what seemed to be a straight punch contest.

Also Roger Stern and Steve Rude combined in 1999 and created a classic. Unlike the very “first” battle in Superman and Spider-man in 1981 and DC vs Marvel Comics in 1996, this was a story with just the Hulk and Superman!

Superman and Lois think back to the day they first encountered the Hulk:

 Superman really has his hands full when he goes west to investigate mysterious earth tremors that show up on seismic equipment. It turns out to be the Hulk. After a brief encounter, with the Hulk coming out on top, Superman realizes he overestimated and underestimated the green behemoth.

 As the story continues, Lois Lane and Clark Kent get assigned news stories out west that tie into Bruce Banner and the Hulk. With Lex Corp. doing research and contract work for the Army, Lex Luthor tries to find a scheme to try to gain control of Bruce Banner and the Hulk and use them to try and destroy Superman!

 And with that plot, the second encounter between Superman and the Hulk takes place. Superman really lashes out at the Hulk and does do a job on the green gargoyle. But as the story plot thickens, Lex Luthor does use a deadly gamma ray gun on the two fighting titans. The weapon is overloading when Luthor sets the gamma weapon on full blast and threatens to kill and destroy everything within a 500 mile radius. With an unlikely team work, Superman hurtles the Hulk towards the gamma gun and the Hulk destroys the weapon and saves the day! As always, Luthor worms his way out of the long arms of the law. After refraining back to the present, Superman and Lois feel real sadness for Bruce Banner for it revealed that he in reality is the Hulk and he has to carry the raging beast within him for all time.


When it comes down to it, there is a lot of match up in this question, but Big Blue is almost always the victor.


As for your sister… Cage match with her vs. The Hulk?


This is Capes on the Couch saying… “This one’s for the fan boys.”